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Years ago when I gave you my heart,
You promised me you'd use care.
You promised your love forever,
You said forever that you would be there.

We talked and listened and trusted,
We cussed and yelled and hit.
Through it all our love held true,
Just so you could say you quit.

I know that feeling sometimes change,
But what caused all this hate?
What makes my loving you, more each day,
Too much to tolerate?

I'm still not sure what it is I do,
That in your eyes offends.
You say that our love isn't there anymore,
But in time, perhaps we'll be friends.

On that day, long ago, when I told you,
"I love you more than you'll ever know",
I never dreamed that for me to prove it,
I would have to let you go.

by Rusty Black
Copyrightę1995 Rusty Black