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It seems as though the tide has turned,
Somehow I must stand.
While my dreams of
"love and castles",
Are again reduced to sand.

Just bits of time my hands can't hold,
To spite how hard I try.
Dreams my heart will never know,
As I fight this urge to cry.

Where once was love and admiration,
Now it's senseless fights.
When hateful words tear our world apart,
It doesn't matter who's wrong or right.

I just wish that I'd been stronger,
And let go of my pride.
It may have changed everything enough,
Without the need to say good-bye.

I realize now as I look back..
At all the things that we called hassle's.
That none of them were worth leaving  behind,
All my dreams of "love and castles."

by Rusty Black
Copyrightę1995 Rusty Black