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As I look back through the years I see everything that’s wrong,
Compared to what I thought my life would be.
I’ve been up and been knocked down, I’ve been lost but still I’ve found,
That through it all the thing I’ve always had was me.

I made a vow, I said "I do", I thought for sure we’d see it through,
But apparently she didn’t feel the same.
She took my house, she took my car, but what hurt the most by far,
Was the day that she gave me back my name.

I’ve been addicted, I’ve been drugged, I lived a secret life with thugs,
I’ve done things that to this day I won’t admit.
I’ve lost it all...lived on the street, I thought for sure that I’d been beat,
Still something inside me wouldn’t let me quit.

I felt the joy as I heard her say, "You have a daughter on the way",
I thought my dreams had finally come around.
I had no way of knowing then that in two years she’d be gone again,
Now my daughter’s living in another town.

Well now I’ve found another love and I thank the Lord above,
I pray each night that things work out this time.
I see my daughter once a year, when she leaves I fight the tears,
And try to hold on to what’s left of my mind.

Still my tale is far from over, I know my journey has just begun.
I somehow hope that everyone will see.
That the reason I’m still here, despite the heartaches and the tears,
Is that through it all…I never let go of me.

by Rusty Black
Copyrightę1999 Rusty Black