You met me at a time when I was lost within myself,
When all the truth of who I was lay hidden on a shelf.
Even now the truths that shape me, hang just out of sight,
Lost just like a child on a darkened, moonless night.

Still there is this fire, burning strong within my heart,
Though frightened I keep fighting in hopes of a new start.
Though the demons of my guilt struggle hard to hold me down,
They're no match for this new power that my heart has just now found.

It seems that all the doubts, which once kept me at bay,
Are now quickly forgotten when held up to the light of day.
My fears, although still present, now don't seem so strong.
The roads that I once thought too far today don't seem as long.

I know that to myself, I must always remain true,
To spite what life may throw my way or what others say or do.
For when this life is over it won't matter how far I ran.
All that counts is knowing, in my heart, I was true to who I am.

No one will ever take from me, the values that I hold dear.
Feeling shame about the life that I've lived is all I have to fear.
I know that when I leave this world, I'll have reached my highest goal,
If I can look back on my life with pride and feel true peace in my soul.

by Rusty Black
Copyrightę1995 Rusty Black