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I'm gonna throw my grass out the window.
Crumple up my papers, too.
Give away my speed, 'cause all I'm gonna need
Is just a little bit of love from you.

And we'll be makin' it natural.
And ain't it just about time
That stuff I was so keen on
I no longer have to lean on
'Cause your love's enough to keep me high.

Now if any you heads want some Panama red,
All you gotta do is to reach out your hand.
I'll trade my stash for just about enough cash
To buy a simple golden wedding band.

And we'll be makin' it natural,
But don't you ask me how.
It's been the cause of all my sorrow,
But I think I'll start tomorrow,
'Cause I sure could use a hit right now.

But I'll throw it out the window, some day.
Give away my cocaine,
Bust my spikes and flush a million mikes
Of acid right down the drain,
And we'll be makin' it natural, makin' it natural...

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Written by Shel Silverstein and Jeffrey Comanor.   From "Doctor Hook", 1971.

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