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Hey, a yellow-haired woman she'll take all your gold,
Her eyes may be warm but her heart will be cold,
And she will get fat just as soon as she's old --
Stay 'way from a yellow-haired woman!

And a raven-haired woman will burn with desire,
She'll hold you and squeeze you and kiss you like fire,
But once you are married then she'll be too tired --
Stay 'way from a raven-haired woman!

And a redheaded woman, whe'll scream and she'll roar,
She won't make the bed and she won't sweep the floor.
And once she's asleep, she will probably snore --
Stay 'way from a readheaded woman!

But a bald-headed woman, whe'll love you each day.
You can beat her and kick her, but she'll always stay.
'Cause she knows no one's coming to steal her away --
Hooray for a bald-headed woman!

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Playboy, December, 1965 -- 1964 Hollis Music, Inc., NY

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